Predictive Dialer Software: What is it and Why Should You Care?

All of us have at one time or another dealt with a call-center environment that used predictive dialers. It could have been someone calling to offer us a better long-distance service, a bill collector, or even a presidential hopeful, asking for campaign donations and encouraging you to vote them over all others. Sometimes these calls […]

Starting a Home-Based Interpretation and Translation Services Business

Interpretation and translation businesses may provide language services to other businesses, government agencies, hospitals and health care organizations, and advertising agencies. Translators may work with text, audio or video media. Interpreters may provide “real-time” translation services for courts, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, hospitals, or businesses. The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

How Does PPC Work?

Clicking is the most frequent movement when doing an online search. It is only natural then that entrepreneurs on the net would want to capitalize on it. When they did, that’s when the notion of pay-per-click was born, and a whole bunch of pay per click companies sprouted on cyberspace. Pay-per-click, or PPC for short, […]

The Importance of Having Business Schools

Everyone in the world today dreams of being an entrepreneur and running their own business in hopes of living the good life. In order for that to happen, however, you need to have the proper training and that is where a good business school can help you achieve that goal of being the next entrepreneur. […]

Construction Worker

What is a Construction Worker?

It has been my pleasure, sincerely, to have had the honor of working in a field that might be loosely termed as “construction.” As a child, a “construction” worker always brought forth images of concrete being poured onto a busted up road, in the opposite lane as the one your parents were driving in. My […]