Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship refers to entrepreneurship, but within the bounds of a corporate enterprise. An entrepreneur is a person who works within an organization but is committed to think beyond the box and constantly innovates. A corporate entrepreneur is similar to an entrepreneur with regards to the focus both lay on innovation. Entrepreneurs emerge from within […]


The Philosophy of the Entrepreneur

STOP! Whatever else you are doing, stop it. Focusing on one thing at a time is a key driver of success if you truly want to become an entrepreneur and actually be good at it. Forget whatever you’ve heard about multi-tasking, your goal is not to become an overworked secretary; it is to become that […]


Crowdfunding a Better Option Than Banks for Entrepreneurs

At a time when banks have severely restricted loans available to small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to start new businesses, crowdfunding can be an invaluable source of capital. Crowdfunding is, as its name suggests, way for a business or charity to raise capital from a group of people. In essence, a business or charitable organization […]


Conducting a Preliminary Patent Search: Searching Online before Securing Professional Assistance

While an inventor can conduct a patent search on his own, there are also patent agents and attorneys who can assist in this for a fee. Searching online can help inventors locate patent search assistance so that it is conducted professionally. This will offer assurance that it has been done thoroughly and completely. Some inventors […]