Truth About Entrepreneurialism

I will begin only with a brief summary of my experiences and what I have learned along the way for better understanding of some insight of the hard work that goes into building a successful business. Not for short term but for long term to be able to pass down to your childrens children. As […]

Young Entrepreneurs Grants

Young entrepreneurs grants are available for young entrepreneurs who have great business plans and workable ideas to start and run any business. These grants are sufficient for supporting your business and can provide you with the additional funding that is needed to start a new business. When you are planning to launch a new business, […]

Entrepreneurial Summer Jobs for Teens

An entrepreneurial spirit is a great characteristic to have in business. An entrepreneurial spirit can be nourished in youth by allowing them to create their own summer jobs. Teenagers under 16 may have trouble finding jobs and these suggestions could help them earn some summer income. These suggestions also can work around a busy teens […]

Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Successful Young Entrepreneurs. The term entrepreneur makes me picture an experienced individual, very business savy, rich and so forth. However, there are young people today who are proving that age really is just a number, and being an entrepreneur is all in the mind, or at least it begins there. Entrepreneurs, of all ages, know […]


Auto Recyclers go Green: They’re Geared up for Recycling

No longer are auto salvage yards the dumping grounds for acres of scrapped vehicles rusting in roadside junk-piles. “Junkyard is a word we don’t like to hear,” says Barbara Utter, Executive Director of Automotive Recyclers of Michigan. (ARM) She’s proud of what this association has accomplished and with good reason. Salvage yards in her state […]