Green Entrepreneurs

Global warming, rising fuel prices, and the rise in job loss seems to be on everyone’s mind and on the front page of the news. But instead of letting it consume your life, break out and doing something unique in your career path. A green career focuses on the well being of the environment and […]

Fueling the Future – Rhymed Detours on Entrepreneurs

Two weeks’ notice; we’re risk-takers, Soon to be decision-makers, Resigning with impunity To build our opportunity. Inventions geared to spin, revolve, Do everything to problem-solve, Would revolutionize the earth, If we could give our product birth.   Six months were filled with fries and burgers Talking acquisitions, mergers, Coffee served in quart containers Patent lawyers […]

2008 Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Conference in Chicago

I attended the 2008 National Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) Annual Conference, November 6-8 in Chicago Illinois at the Hyatt McCormick Place Hotel. The conference had an amazing turn out of somewhere around 1300 collegiate students. Most students attending the conference are in entrepreneur and business related majors and are in their schools chapter of CEO. […]

Patrick Mackaronis Reveals: What Secrets Make the Most Successful Entrepreneurs?

The following is a guest post from Patrick Mackaronis, director of business development for New York City social network startup Brabble. For further reading on Pat’s ideas, please check out Home Business Mag’s piece┬áPatrick Mackaronis Reveals Six Options for Ideal Startup Investment. Most successful entrepreneurs seem to have carved their way to success by unlocking […]