The Importance of Having Business Schools

Everyone in the world today dreams of being an entrepreneur and running their own business in hopes of living the good life. In order for that to happen, however, you need to have the proper training and that is where a good business school can help you achieve that goal of being the next entrepreneur. […]

Construction Worker

What is a Construction Worker?

It has been my pleasure, sincerely, to have had the honor of working in a field that might be loosely termed as “construction.” As a child, a “construction” worker always brought forth images of concrete being poured onto a busted up road, in the opposite lane as the one your parents were driving in. My […]

How to Make a Tattoo Gun

How to Make a Tattoo Gun

The most essential tool to the process of tattooing is the tattoo “gun”. This tool will be the most expensive piece of equipment that a tattooist will own. As a service to you, the aspiring tattoo professional, I offer this instruction on how to make a tattoo gun from common household objects for the purpose […]