8 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Web Traffic

One of the biggest questions I receive when I work with web clients is, “How do I get people to find my site?” This is a valid concern because, as more and more web sites go live, the competition your web site faces is stiff. Here is a list of some suggestions I give to my clients. If you have any you don’t see here, please post them in the discussion section for this article and I will be sure to include them in a future article. ++++++++++

Strategies you can use to attract people to your web site again and again.

— Include your URL on your business cards and company stationary.

— Update your online information frequently.

— Include a link to your URL in the signature file of your email program.

— List your web site in any community directories (e.g. local newspaper web sites, local chamber of commerce web directories)

— Submit your URL to as many search engines as possible. Be sure to check with your ISP because many can provide this service for you.

— Find some web sites relating to your business and see if you can list your web site in their directories. For instance, if you sell your own line of jewelry, there may be a jewelers’ association web site you can be listed in.

— Write a press release to send out to your local and regional newspapers announcing your web presence and describing your web site’s content. Remember to include your URL!

— Make sure to at least mention your URL in any advertising (print, radio, and television) you do.

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