Custom Home Upgrades

Custom Home Upgrades

So, you’ve decided on your new homes layout. You know the rooms and their sizes and you have a picture of what your new home will look like. Homes are more than just walls and windows though, now comes the process of selecting the elements that will fill out your home and add further character to its final appearance. When it comes to evaluating the features of these items consider the following upgrades that can add durability to your home and even save you money over its lifetime.

Room for Improvement

Cabinets: Consider how many times you are going to open and close your cabinets over the course of their lifetime, probably thousands of times. If you are looking for an upgrade to improve the performance of your cabinets the best place to start is the hardware. Hinges, knobs and levers come in all sorts of styles and some were clearly not designed to last for the life of the cabinet. Spend the extra money and have quality hardware installed. Nothing looks quite as bad as a cabinet which as a broken knob or hinge.

Flooring: Your floors need to be sturdy and ready for abuse. After all you are going to walk all over them. Flooring in high traffic areas needs to be able to withstand the abuse that it is going to endure for dozens of years. When it comes to tiles look for those made with porcelain rather than ceramic or quarry tiles. Porcelain is fired in a way that it is often as strong as granite and is less susceptible to wear and cracking. Hardwood flooring should be actual wood. Synthetics may look exactly like wood but they cannot be stripped and refinished like real wood can, so when they are worn out the whole floor will need to be replaced.

Countertops: Granite countertops have become extremely popular and due to this there cost has come down significantly. Compared to traditional vinyl countertops, granite, by virtue or its nature, will last significantly longer and can withstand tremendous abuse. As with wood flooring, granite countertops can be refinished and polished over its lifetime rather than needing to be replaced when there is damage or a blemish.

Appliances: By investing more money up front, your choice in appliances can actually save you a healthy amount of money over their lifetime. When seeking a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave or washing machine pay careful attention to the energy rating that they receive. Cheaper appliances can easily end up costing you more money over their lifetime by virtue of their energy requirements.

Value Added Investments

Your new home may be new now but it is going to require maintenance and repairs over its life time and that costs money. These upgrades can minimize the impact of this required upkeep and in the long run make the hassle of the keeping your home in tip-top shape much easier and certainly less expensive.

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