Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur Dad

Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 15th of this year and what better time to purchase the perfect gift for your entrepreneur father than now online. Here are my five favorite picks of this year for my father and I hope that you can pick through these ideas for your father too. All Father’s Day Gift Ideas are $200.00 or less and can be purchase online for your convenience.

Gift Idea #1. Deluxe Leather Tie Case: Just about every child has given a tie to one’s father for Fathers’ Day, admit it, we all have copped out and purchased a simple tie for lack of any other ideas. This year why not purchase something that is new to the market and can be used along with all those other ties that you have purchased throughout the years, a leather tie case. For entrepreneur fathers that are constantly traveling for business, this is the perfect gift that carries a few ties without wrinkling or knotting. Basically it is a long case made of “Top Grain Nappa Cowhide” that unzips to reveal a small hanger to hang ones’ ties on. For those entrepreneurs dad’s that use cufflinks and other accessories, there is a small pouch that can be opened and zipped up inside the tie case. This is just the perfect gift that can be personalized with 3 initials for an extra charge or just left un-personalized. Each tie case is around $80.00. This tie case can be purchase in fine gift shops or online here for a discount.


Gift Idea #2. Plane and Globe Key Ring: For Mother’s Day, children think of jewelry items such as those from Tiffany’s but when Father’s Day comes around it usually does not cross one’s mind that a father might like something from Tiffany’s too. This year, I have found Tiffany’s Plane and Globe Key Ring for the traveling entrepreneur father. With airliners tightening up on weight regulations for baggage, something small such as a key ring is perfect for a father to take along without worrying about weight restrictions. It is a small sterling silver key ring with an airplane on one side and a globe on the other side that creates a u-ring for keys. It is small, useful and light for a father to take along on business while thinking about you each time he reaches for his keys. The price is around $140 but it is something that can be used for many years to come. Check this key ring out here for your father this year.


Gift Idea #3. Executive Putter Set: For those entrepreneur fathers that enjoy golfing with a passion, this executive putter set is the perfect gift. Cased in a beautiful Brazilian Cherry wood carrying case with brass handle, it is a small putting set that can be taken anywhere for the extreme golfing professional. The carrying case contains a putter that disassembles for easy storage, two balls and a wood practice cup. For $41.97, this executive putter set is the perfect gift for any entrepreneur father that wants to practice a little putting while on business trips in the hotel room or in ones’ office. Check it out here to purchase this wonderful father’s day gift.


Gift Idea #4.Martin Valet Tray: Some father’s, although heroes in our hearts, can be forgetful at times, especially when one is traveling for business. The perfect gift for the forgetful entrepreneur father this year is the Martin Valet Tray that can be taken anywhere from one’s office along to professional business trips. For $22.49, one can purchase this handy tray for a father this year at this online website. This little tray holds just about anything that is small and loose that can easily get lost while traveling. Just have your father place this tray next to his beside while at the hotel and place everything small inside such as cufflinks, keys, and rings and so on. It will keep everything in one place and nothing will get lost while away on business.


Gift Idea #5.The StressEraser: What father does not have stress, especially those traveling for business constantly? The StressEraser is an “award-winning, hand-held biofeedback medical device designed to calm your mind and relax your body in just 15 minutes.” It is a small device that can easily fit into the size of your father’s hand and can be taken anywhere that stress may occur. Basically it has a flap that comes out of the device in which you place your fingertip into the device. Then the infrared fingertip pulse sensor and advanced algorithm software will measure and display the real-time effect of the “vagus nerve” that is directly caused by stress. On the device there is a small screen that showcases wavelengths that get ones attention and slowly gets the stressed person’s breathing to synchronize with a “calming BreathWaveâ„¢ pattern”. It even reminds the person to inhale and exhale to the wavelengths. After just fifteen minutes, your father will be relaxed and can continue on with his work as normal. If you worry about your father’s stress level due to his entrepreneurial position, this is the perfect gift for just over $200.00. The price is a little high but your father’s health is priceless. Check this gift out from Sharper Image here.

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