Fueling the Future – Rhymed Detours on Entrepreneurs

Two weeks’ notice; we’re risk-takers,

Soon to be decision-makers,

Resigning with impunity

To build our opportunity.

Inventions geared to spin, revolve,

Do everything to problem-solve,

Would revolutionize the earth,

If we could give our product birth.


Six months were filled with fries and burgers

Talking acquisitions, mergers,

Coffee served in quart containers

Patent lawyers on retainers.


We drew our flow-charts, surfed the ‘Net

Promoted every chance we’d get.

Our families, they forgot our faces,

As we lived out of cheap suitcases.


Hammering out fundamentals

P Ls; and all essentials.

Call in pizza in a box;

Deadline’s here; turn back the clocks.


A new idea, a great intent

And all those sleepless nights we spent . . .

At last, we unveiled our creation

Amid shouts of jubilation.


This week’s the widget world convention;

We’re demonstrating our invention.

So proudly, without condescension,

We usher in the next dimension.

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