Do You Know These Myths About Entrepreneurs?

The spirit of entrepreneurship is spreading fast. A lot of young people are looking to dive in owning-a-business-ocean and come out with a fish in their mouth. Every young graduate from various streams is dreaming big to become a successful entrepreneur.

However, it is never an easy journey to start a business and be successful in it. More often than not, entrepreneurs fail due to unpreparedness, faulty research around the idea, and scratchy execution of the business plan.


In this article, we will talk about some myths that go around the spirit of entrepreneurship:


  1. Entrepreneurs don’t have to work much-this is absolutely wrong. Entrepreneurs are almost always working. The only difference is that they like what they are working on and they are enjoying it. The feeling of being the owner, psychologically, drives them from within.


  1. Entrepreneurs don’t feel stress-once again, it is not true. Stress is always there. The only difference is that entrepreneurs are not consumed by it. They welcome it as a learning opportunity and always try to come out of it triumphant.


  1. There is no need of geographical presence-well, this could be somewhat true but having a presence is always beneficial. Simply putting, it increases the credibility of the venture and brings a lot of faith in the customers or targeted audience.


  1. Entrepreneurs become rich instantly-this is gross unreality. There is no free lunch or short-cut to success. However, if the business idea is executed with attentive attitude, the success-rate chances are huge.


  1. Entrepreneurs retire with good money-no, they never retire. Entrepreneurial spirit runs like oxygen with the blood stream and they always come up with new ideas to name themselves as “serial entrepreneurs”.


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