Ladies Who Launch: The Perfect Resource for Women Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur myself I’m constantly looking for networks, websites, and fellow entrepreneurs to help me reach my goals and dreams. One of the most intuitive sites I’ve found specifically targeted for women is They tout themselves as the “Women’s Small Business Resource” which I completely agree with. Their website gives a great introduction on the resources they provide by stating the following: “As women entrepreneurs, our business accomplishments are often dictated not just by drive and determination but by our lifestyle choices as well. We work non-traditional hours to accommodate children, we find inspiration in books and movies, and we’ve got a knack for networking that comes from the heart. Women entrepreneurs know that business resources are the nuts and bolts that will give them that entrepreneurial edge. From PR advice, to online marketing how-to’s, to book recommendations, this Resource section provides essential tools, tips, and up-to-date thinking to help you launch and succeed.”

According to Ladies Who Launch we are always at some state of launching in our lives. Whether it’s a family, a new business, an idea, etc., we are constantly coming in and out of the launching phase. As a Mother of two, wife, employee, and entrepreneur I completely back up this principle. Ladies Who Launch is not only a website but a community with a course for women nationally called “The Incubator” which allows women to work with other entrepreneurs that have an idea that they would like to “incubate” and have it become a reality. This may be a business, a website, basically anything they dream of. Having participated in an incubator myself I felt the process was enlightening and definitely gave me the knowledge, resources, and support I needed to launch my own business. Once you’ve attended an Incubator you can become part of the network at a discounted rate and continue to utilize the resources of the Ladies Who Launch network which is nationally recognized. They now even have a few chapters in Canada. Ladies Who Launch have yearly events in different cities to bring in speakers that are relevant to business owners that can give advice in marketing, public relations, legal and financial advice and many different types of information all geared towards women entrepreneurs. I have particularly found their online community very helpful in reaching others that may have similar goals as I do and the women in the community are open and receptive to sharing their own expertise and I’ve given advice and referrals in return to members of the network.


Webinars are also offered at a reasonable fee to assist you in areas such as publishing a book, launching your invention, or utilizing social networking sites such as Linked In to makeover your business.


Perusing the Ladies Who Launch website is definitely worth your time and many of the resources are free without having to join the community. If you are looking for great resources at a minimal fee I suggest becoming a member and making your dreams and goals a reality!

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