Life as an Entrepreneur with Psychological or Emotional Disabilities

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some impact a person’s ability to move, while others impact their ability to function in a social setting. Operating an entrepreneurial enterprise is a difficult venture for anyone to tackle; however, it can be particularly difficult for people who have a disability, especially for those with psychological or emotional disabilities. Fortunately, with the right modifications to your work environment and proper treatment of your condition you can be a successful entrepreneur. Robbi Erickson is a great example of an entrepreneur who has an emotional disability and who has professional success. She has depression, yet this disability has not stopped her from reaching her professional goals.

Depression and Entrepreneurship


Depression is a condition that can be triggered by a number of factors including brain chemistry issues, genetics, seasonal patterns and tragic events. People who suffer from depression can feel physical as well as emotional side effects, both of which can impact their ability to work. Fortunately, with proper treatment many people with depression can minimize their symptoms and function normally in the work environment.


Breaking Into the World of Online Writing


Getting started in the world of writing is not easy to do. However, Ms. Erickson started by first writing copy for local businesses. Gradually word of mouth advertising created the customer and experience base from which she was able to move to the online writing market.


At first making a living writing for the Internet wasn’t possible. She made a few dollars here and there, but she didn’t make enough to support herself solely from online writing. However, within five years the online writing market opened up and more writing positions became available. At this point she was able to reduce here regular job to part time and write part time. This was the development stage of her business.


During the next five years she wrote thousands of articles from press releases to creative pieces and built up a stable customer base. Today she is able to write full time from her own home and makes a great living, especially for Montana.




The main obstacles that Ms. Erickson faced were caused by the age of the industry she was trying to break into. Online businesses and writing niches were still in their infancies when she first started writing. However, she banked on the idea that if she took on a lot of small writing jobs during the beginning of her business’s development that she would eventually be able to be more selective about what assignments she would accept and she would also be able to charge more per article based on her experience and reputation as an online writer. This strategy worked. Here per article income gradually increased from $3 to $4 per 250 word article to $20 to $30 per 250 word article.




The best advice that she says that she can offer other entrepreneurs with disabilities is to set professional goals and remain focused on the prize. Success is seldom achieved overnight so be prepared to put in the time that is required to build a business from scratch. Finally, know your mind and body. Learn how to accommodate your limitations and to exploit your strengths. Your ability to do both of these things will help you to overcome your professional obstacles and achieve your goals.

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