Powerful Public Speaking: Creative Communications to Market You & Your Business

How you communicate directly affects your personal and professional progress and performance. Whether you realize it or not, every time you open your mouth outside of your shower, car or office; with every e- or snail mail you send or voice mail you leave – you are speaking in public!

Betcha you never thought about public speaking like this, but it’s time you do. Because you have an incredible power that you are most probably not using. Once you learn the secret to effective communications – you can propel your career or business to amazing new heights.

Mastering Your Fears

Let’s set the record straight; most people are deathly afraid of public speaking in any shape or form – whether it’s talking to a small department presentation or in front of a large group. They would rather go to the dentist and have their teeth drilled without Novocain, then get up and give a speech. That fact in and of itself should lesson your dread just a bit.

Perfecting Your Performance

Here’s what you need to do, to get past your fears:

  • Write down what you want to say
  • Put it aside
  • Reflect on the message, the tone, the timing & your objectives
  • Edit
  • Read it out loud
  • Edit again for clarity and succinctness
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!

Public Speaking Basics:

To be an effective communicator, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Know your topic
  • Know your audience, industry lingo, etc.
  • Say something compelling, in an upbeat, creative way
  • Be yourself
  • Stay on point
  • Don’t repeat yourself incessantly

Projecting a Calm, Confident Image

Think about the forums where you have seen a particularly interesting, motivating or informative speaker. Whether you’ve met an engaging person at a networking function, gotten a great email, or seen them on stage – compelling communicators have lots in common. By assessing their approach, content and overall performance you can improve your own. Remember that these people weren’t hatched with these gifts! They watched other powerful speakers in action, took notes, listened to what worked and what fell short; learned and adopted successful communications patterns that fit their unique style and personality.

More Effective Communications Tips

  • Attitude is everything – look to inform and inspire
  • Preparation is key
  • Confidence comes with practice
  • Refer to sources correctly

Wear Your own Pants & Win!

The key to becoming a memorable communicator does not hinge on you becoming someone else, but rather staying true to your unique personality. If you are naturally a ham – go for it. If you are quiet and less verbal – it will not hold you back. You can still deliver a powerful performance if you start to use these simple communications tips.

So make a resolution today. Use every public speaking opportunity to wow your audience – whether you are speaking to one person, a roomful of colleagues, peers or complete strangers. Creative public speaking can help you make that career move you’ve always dreamed of; open doors to incredible business opportunities; engage new prospects, positively impact your image and grow your sales.

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