Predictive Dialer Software: What is it and Why Should You Care?

All of us have at one time or another dealt with a call-center environment that used predictive dialers. It could have been someone calling to offer us a better long-distance service, a bill collector, or even a presidential hopeful, asking for campaign donations and encouraging you to vote them over all others. Sometimes these calls are merely recorded messages, played out to you or your answering device. Other times you answer, ask to await connection to a customer service agent, and then are led into interaction with the CSR. One way or another, each of us had the ‘pleasure’ of receiving these calls.

Ever wonder how these companies and political leaders know who to call? And then, contemplate how they always seem to know whether they are speaking to a real person, or an answering machine? It’s fascinating how they almost always wait to leave their all-so important voice-mail message until our recorded message stops, so that they may begin theirs? All this happens due to a powerful software called a Predictive Dialer.

You see, predictive dialing stands for, “A program or system which, upon reading a database of names, phone numbers and other pertinent data, begins to call each number on the list. Each time the software detects an answering device, the predictive dialer waits to leave a prerecorded message, asking the recipient to call back at their earliest convenience. However, when the software detects a live answer by the intended recipient, the dialing software politely asks the client to hold while it connects them to an awaiting operator. Once the call is complete, the software continues its process until it either reaches the end of the database, or else is told to stop operation by the end user.”

Until recently, software solutions such as this one would cost a heavy investment, lots of wiring by IT professionals, and other such hassles and strains. However, as technology has kept growing at an exponential rate, there is a new answer for those who would like to take advantage of the power of using a predictive dialer with VoIP — ” ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’.

To begin with, Internet Marketers and other online small business owners can survey their existing email newsletter lists (or even create new ones) asking for their customers’ ¬†amp; subscribers’ name, phone number, and of course email addresses. Then, feeding this information into the software, they can use Skype (a free program) to make calls to each client, where they can make sure they are happy with their purchase(s), to see if there are any questions or concerns the business owner could address (either over the phone or written to the list), and to even offer upgrades, back-end offers, or even further support.

By taking the time to call out and speak with their list, a personal connection is made, which in quick succession can increase trust, which has the effect for clients to spread the word, which in the end leads to more sales and more people added to their lists. Which, in the end, is what all online entrepreneurs are striving for every day they’re in business.

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