Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Investors

The use of social media for entrepreneurs and investors has skyrocketed, as like-minded professionals are connecting with one another with one objective in mind — financial success.

Whether it’s eliciting or giving information, conventional wisdom dictates social media has arrived, and it’s here to stay. It’s an online blitz taking on a whole new life of its own in the arena of business startups.


Social media for entrepreneurs provides two distinct benefits — networking and education.


Establishing an online networking presence promotes customer relationships, prospects for investors, and business strategies. Entrepreneurs can also gain valuable information helpful for their business, such as an inside tap on emerging trends and remain updated about their business climate. They can also listen to see what the outside community is thinking and saying about their product or service, which gives them a prompt avenue to respond accordingly if any misinformation is said.


At the other end of the spectrum, social media for investors adds a vast dimension for potential financers of hot business prospects and entrepreneurs. Investors are increasingly using social media for a leg up on information about financial advisors, financial products, fees, strategies and deals.


According to the Spectrem Group, 77% of investors who read blogs are likely to consult them for information on new financial products and services. That’s a huge source of information right at their finger tips, potentially lucrative.


ActSeed, a new online service dedicated to assisting business startups and early-stage companies, has formulated a single community for entrepreneurs and investors. The mission is to bring together social media for entrepreneurs and investors under one umbrella and connect them through a profiling process and provide them with an easy means to network and engage each other.


Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with gaining visibility and lack the contacts to get their start up plan in front of the right people. “As an entrepreneur, it is challenging to find actionable tools, difficult to rapidly make needed connections and nearly impossible to find investors outside of the big institutional firms,” says Bill Attinger, CEO of ActSeed. Entrepreneurs can now cut precious time, rather than rigidly navigating through a myriad of other channels to find potential financers. ActSeed just got smart in consolidating this process.


Other services are partnering with ActSeed. Service providers, such as accountants, tax advisors, and attorneys can become available tools. Educational and outreach programs are rapidly on the horizon.


“Imagine if we could increase the success rate of new companies by just one or two percent, what that would mean for the country,” Attinger said. “It would create thousands of new jobs and generate billions of dollars in an ailing economy.”


Whether you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, or have a new business creation or business startup, visit the community’s website for more information — ActSeed.


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