Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Successful Young Entrepreneurs. The term entrepreneur makes me picture an experienced individual, very business savy, rich and so forth. However, there are young people today who are proving that age really is just a number, and being an entrepreneur is all in the mind, or at least it begins there. Entrepreneurs, of all ages, know that the only person who can prevent you from succeeding is yourself; and these individuals are proof you can do anything that you put your mind to.

You are never too young to have a dream, and with hard work and determination you can turn your dream into a reality, and possible an income producing business. Don’t get me wrong, opening and successfully running your own business is not easy, the competition can be fierce, depending on the field you choose. On the other hand, if a person has a vision or dream and creates a workable plan which can give life to their dream, whatever that may be, the opportunities are endless. Let me introduce you to some young entrepreneurs who have followed their dream and who are now their own boss! You may be surprised at the list of major companies that have been founded by minors.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg, twenty-five, co-founded the world’s largest social networking site- Facebook. This internet icon is not just for kids, but offers networking tools for everyone. The numbered of registered users to this site grows each day, with currently over 300 million active users. Website:


Noah Glass, GoMobo: Noah Glass, twenty-eight years old, founded the Manhattan-based GoMobo company now employs ten (10) staff members. GoMobo offers customers the choice of online or text message to preorder and prepay for take-out food orders. Since its inception GoMobo has assisted over 500 restaurants enter the interactive marketing arena, and they are linked to major chains such as Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and Burger King. Website:


Sara Schupp, Unversity Parent Media: This Company, created by Sara Schupp, twenty-seven, bridges the gap between parents of new college students with universities across the nation. Offers both print and online guides for parents visiting their kids at college; and an invaluable tool to both parents and students who are or soon to be college bound. Currently contracted with over 100 schools nationwide. Website:


Nathaniel Stevens, Yodle: Founded by Nathaniel Stevens, twenty-six, of Manhattan in 2005. After seeing a need for simpler way for businesses to advertise online, Nathaniel created Yodle, which has grown into a $20 million, 306-employee company. Website:


Brian Ruby, Carbon Nanoprobes: This twenty-six year-old entrepreneur created this molecular imaging equipment company in his college dorm room in 2003. Since that time the company has grown to employee nine people and expects over $1 million in revenue in 2010. Website:


Eric ¬†amp; Susan Koger, ModCloth: This clothing “e-tailer” began in the college dorm room of husband and wife team, Eric and Susan Koger in 2002. While this vintage and indie specialty clothing online retailer began in a dorm room shipping a few items out a week; the fashion industry quickly caught on and the company has grown to employ 104 people and averages approximately $1 million in monthly sales. Website:


Logan Green and John Zimmer, Zimride: College classmates Logan Green, twenty-five and John Zimmer, twenty-five started this business to allow carpoolers to connect online. Their client base is currently colleges, who shell out $10,000 per year for the services; but have recently expanded to serve large companies such as Cigna and Wal-Mart. Website:


Jamail Larkins, Ascension Aircraft: At the age of fifteen Jamail Larkins turned his passion of flying planes and anything associated with planes into a lucrative business. He began selling training books and videos to local pilots to pay for his flying lessons. He expanded and created a second business named Ascension Aircraft, an aircraft sales and leasing company that produced $7 million in revenue in 2008. Website:


Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith, Childhood friends, Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith, came up with a great online tool to help them and their classmates collaborate on school projects. This California based company has rapidly grown by creating an online platform enabling businesses to securely share electronic information, and now has a staff of 50 employees. Website:


Shama Kabani, Click to Client: After several rejections on her online marketing proposals to some of the larger marketing firm, Shama, twenty-four, decided to take the leap in 2008 and create her own full-service online marketing agency. The company employees a staff of six and averages an annual revenue of approximately $200,000. Website:


Jesse Gossett, Jayson Uppal and Chris Jacobs, Emergent: These three college classmates, Jesse, Jayson and Chris, all in their early twenties, saw a need for and created a consulting service to guide municipalities and private business towards using renewable energy and establishing sustainability practices. Website:


Lauren Berger, Intern Queen: While a student at the University of Central Florida, Lauren Berger, twenty-five, completed a stunning 15 internships. She soon saw that she could provide a service to others acquire internships. Lauren moved to Los Angles and worked at a top talent agency, where she met movie producer and director Marshall Herscovitz who saw the potential in her idea of a consulting company and who providing the financial backing she needed to get established in her first year of business. Website:


Sean Conway, Justin Miller, B.J. Stephan and Fadi Chalfoon, NoteHall: These enterprising young college students began their online marketplace for college students to buy and sell their class notes, which contracts with approximately 50 colleges. Website:


Joanna Van Vleck, Trunk Club: Joanna Van Vleck, twenty-six, and former style consultant, in this role she discovered a niche to fill. Her idea of turning the shopping experience around so that she brought the clothes to the customer had potential, especially to those who do not like or have the time to clothes shop. In 2008 Joanna decided to go the virtual route instead of having physical locations. The company expects to produce $2.5 million in revenue in 2009. Website:


Richard Foster, Richard Foster Construction: Richard Foster, sixteen, turned his passion for woodworking into a profitable business. Richard’s business is currently based in his parents’ garage, where he crafts beautiful wood clocks out of pine. Richard’s company was an official sponsor of the Nasdaq-100 Open Tennis Tournament. Website:


Jason O’Neill, Pencil Bugs: Eleven year-old Jason O’Neill proves that anyone at any age can become an entrepreneur. Jason founded his company, Pencil Bugs, after selling his parents on his company plan. Jason makes hand-made colorful pencil toppers, and is looking into expanding his line to include matching bookmarks, t-shirts, a book series and possibly a board and video game. Website:


Anshul Samar, Alchemist Empire, Inc.: Anshul Samar, now thirteen, developed the idea of a role playing board game that actually teaches chemistry. Now sophomore in high school, Anshul is the CEO of Alchemist Empire, Inc. Through his vision, the company has developed fun role playing board games, Elementeo, that sneaks in a chemistry lesson. They hope to reach $1 million in revenue for 2008. This bright young man obviously has a sharp business mind, and who initially came up with idea of the game board while in the fourth grade, and has created his team, including his eleven-year old sister who is the VP of Sales. Website:


Ben Casnocha, Comcate: At the age of twelve Ben Casnocha came up with his business idea of providing online support tools for local governments. Now 19, Ben is the founder of Comcate, a growing software company providing web-based CRM software to public agencies and city governments. Ben has also recently written a book highlighting the launching of his company. The book, My Start-Up Life, is available at Website:


Aaron Swartz, Reddit: Aaron Swartz, at fourteen years old, co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification, which may sound like Greek to most, but bloggers would instantly recognize. Aaron has participated in many other web related business opportunities and by all indications has a promising future ahead of him. Website:


Jake Lunn, Nautical Napkins: This eleven-year old from Britain has always been fascinated by sailing and yachts. Jake developed a plan to market and sell his hand-printed personalized napkins for boats and yachts. Jake is on his way to owning his own yacht! Website:


o Suhas Gopinath, Globals, Inc.: Suhas Gopinath who was fourteen at the time, from Bangalore, India had a business plan, but being a minor in India prevented him from owning a business. So Suhas moved to San Jose, California where he founded Globals, Inc. He began his venture with four employees, and now has around 400 student employees from both India and the US. The company develops mission critical applications on the web for various industries including Education, Finance, and Governments, and is expanding into a wider range of software and data management tools, and also. Website:

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