Koi Fish Pond

Tips for Building a Koi Fish Pond

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon is sitting outside in your garden with a small koi fish pond. Maybe it’s reading a book or just sitting there relaxing after a hard day at work. If you’re thinking of building a koi fish pond in your yard there are some important tips you need to know before you start construction on it for better results.

When starting a koi pond it’s important to realize what type of environment the koi fish can survive in. These are cold water fish and although they can survive harsh climates their water temperature needs to be about 65 degrees. Of course if you’re building a pond outside then you likely will not be able to regulate the water temperature. Harsher winter temperatures can cause the koi fish to hibernate which is normal for them. During this time they will not need as much food and will likely not be as active. The sheeting of ice on top of the pond is fine and actually adds a bit of protection for the fish.

One of the biggest problems with keeping koi fish in a outside pond is the predators. There are many animals that would love to eat your koi fish that may already be around your neighborhood. Raccoons, Opossums, and cats pose a threat to the koi fish and they should be protected. Having deep water in your pond is one way you can protect them. At least 4 to 8 feet of water is recommended. Other predators that would like to eat the koi fish are birds. Although having 8 feet of water in the pond will deter birds like the heron, you also may want to install some sort of netting to keep the birds out. Also keep in mind the location of your koi fish pond. Having it under trees may give shade to the fish which they need but it also can make cleaning it a nightmare especially when the leaves start falling in the fall of the year. Smaller plants are better and can provide insects and larvae for the fish.

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