Truth About Entrepreneurialism

I will begin only with a brief summary of my experiences and what I have learned along the way for better understanding of some insight of the hard work that goes into building a successful business. Not for short term but for long term to be able to pass down to your childrens children. As regardless of how successful that you become, you must have the drive to continue to do more. Not only for money but the real purpose of putting in your blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices.

Your business should be built with pride. Pride referring to just as when you watch your children manifest into a very responsible and respectable adult. Your business is your child as well. Not a money machine. You must nurture, care for, and once again take pride in. I have experienced both success and failure but failure is what makes you stronger in preparing for your success. You learn what not to do in a hard lesson that you will never forget. The main things to learn are you will have failures, you will have disappointments, you will work hard to be successful, and it will take sacrifice. Once you have stated that you can handle all the above. Then you must have the determination to learn from your mistakes and never quit. Being an Entrepreneur takes the Heart of a Champion. What I mean by this is when you have been beaten and nobody gives you a chance to win. To prove them all wrong. Being relentless, patient, and the desire and heart to continue even when exhausted.


After reading the above, you are probably wandering how anyone is successful right? Why do you think that so few that begin a business will experience true success. You ask is it worth it? You better believe it is. To know that by building my business so many people will benefit, not only yourself. Your family, of course. Your community because you are providing jobs. The local stores because you are providing jobs. The stores have more success because people have money to shop. The local banks because the more money that they have in their bank the more that they can lend. If you have not yet, find a non-profit organization to contribute to. To better whatever the cause that is close to your heart. Example: you lost a love one to cancer so you know how you felt and want to ensure that no one else will experience. So you donate to cancer research. There are many great organizations and companies this is only an example.


I do not mean to be so blunt but I only want you to understand what a true entrepreneur feels like. It is not always fun, not always good but you must know why you are working so hard. Why you are beginning the business that you are in the bigger picture to educate you and prepare you. Truth is, I love the challenge. I have the heart, the desire, the willingness, the drive, focus, and so on. I refuse to quit and you must as well however you must love what you do in order to do so.


If you enjoyed the above, I will be placing more articles monthly.


Proud to be US Army Veteran, had the honor of receiving the following awards: 6 Army Achievement Medals, 12 Certificates of Achievement, 2 Overseas Ribbons, Good Conduct Medal, and Persian Gulf Ribbon.


College Achievements, had the honor of being on The National Deans List 3 years, National Honor Society, and offered International Laureate Program for Delegation on Business.


Currently run and own 3 businesses. Will be expanding more each year as it is in me to do so.


Please when you see a military personal in uniform or a disabled veteran. Please thank them because without the sacrifice that they do each day. We would not be able to enjoy all we do.


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